Peace & Blessings

     At this very moment you have the choice of being a million other places, doing a million other things but you’re here sharing my vision with me and I thank you.

     The images you see are my way of making sense of the world. They’re my way of savoring as many moments as I can of the time I’m granted in this life. The people, the places and the things that find their way into the frames of my photos are the result of my quest to learn to see.

     The things that I see are sometimes beautiful, sometimes messy, sometimes confusing and sometimes I don’t have a clue WHAT they are. I’m under no illusion that I’m capable of CREATING anything beautiful. The best I can hope for is that I  can find a way to REVEAL what is beautiful. I am also clear that the various emotions I might feel when making these photos is in no way any indication as to whether they’re “good” photos or not. I’ll leave that  call up to you. 

     I only know that those feelings can be intense and that I’d like to share those moments with you. I also want to use this site as a clearing house of sorts, a place to post the things I find that resonate with my Spirit. Those things may be in the form of great music, literature, social commentary, Spirituality or some random thought that ran thru my head. The original intention in the creation of this site was to enter my work into the marketplace.

     Whether you purchase my work or not, come visit again and share your thoughts. I’m less interested in this site helping me make a living than I am about it helping me make a life. 

Love & Light